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Photo Credit - Mike Harvey
 ”I was born and brought up on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides where I learnt to sea kayak in my early teenage years. Hooked on exploring and having adventures by sea kayak, I embarked on many sea kayak voyages and explorations on the West Coast of Scotland along with trips to Wales, Northern Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. However the unique coastline, islands and conditions of the Northwest Highlands mean they will always be my favourite place to paddle in the world.”

“The Highlands and Islands is an area close to my heart and one which I love exploring by sea kayak. The area has such a rich history, vibrant culture, rugged coastline, remote islands and the land, sea, people and communities are intertwined. I hope to be able to give visiting sea kayaker’s a flavour and insight not only in terms of the sea kayak route information but about the places, coastline and communities they will journey through.”

“I am married and have two sons and I also enjoy coasteering, swimming, mountaineering and I’m a member of my local Coastguard Rescue Team. ”

 Cailean Macleod


I'm currently writing a sea kayaking guidebook for the Northwest Highlands; Cape Wrath to Ardnamurchan Point including Skye & the Small Isles. This blog will keep you updated as to my progress and hopefully the blog and in turn the book will inspire you experience the Northwest Highlands by sea kayak yourself.

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