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Macleod’s Seals

Loch Dunvegan is home to not only the Clan Macleod’s castle but to important colonies of common seals. 35% of Skye’s total population or 2% of the UK’s population to be more precise. The waters of Loch Dunvegan have hence been designated as a special area of conservation because of the seal population.
The Scottish Canoe Association published […]


Sometimes just being afloat is the tonic to cure everything? I’ve been suffering from a really bad dose of cold/flu for almost 2 weeks now and have some seriously hard exams I’m attempting to revise for.

 I would prefer to be afloat however the reality is I can’t. So here’s some photos by Richard Cree of a […]

Skye Time

This sign didn’t put us off. Despite the wind’s best efforts we managed to get afloat and another two trips were completed. Skye’s only railway was visited, sea eagles were spotted (several times) and a good healthy dose of sunshine was soaked up.

Where in Skye?
Another Scottish beach… More trip to ‘do’ Dunvegan and Waternish Points is planned […]


Littoral (adjective); of or pertaining to the shore of the sea or ocean.
So Littoral Light News is a very adapt name for the newsletter of the Northern Lighthouse Board aimed at all users of the coastal waters around Scotland and the Isle of Man.


I'm currently writing a sea kayaking guidebook for the Northwest Highlands; Cape Wrath to Ardnamurchan Point including Skye & the Small Isles. This blog will keep you updated as to my progress and hopefully the blog and in turn the book will inspire you experience the Northwest Highlands by sea kayak yourself.

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