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Progress had ground to a halt due to work and family commitments however is resuming on getting the guidebook completed.


Any ideas what the interesting rock formations above Richard’s head are? Cooling lava flows?


I’ve spent six hours sifting through photographs and creating a folder for each area chapter and trip. Tedious but highly necessary. Enough to drive anyone to drink.

Hopefully if the weather gods deliver on the calm forecast for the week ahead, Catriona and I will be loading our kayaks onto this boat towards the end of […]

Pure Churchillian

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Winston Churchill was voted the greatest ever Briton in 2002, in a poll conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation. He saw off fierce competition from many other worthy characters. He held Britain together during the 2nd World War with his solid and charismatic leadership style. His use of the English […]


I'm currently writing a sea kayaking guidebook for the Northwest Highlands; Cape Wrath to Ardnamurchan Point including Skye & the Small Isles. This blog will keep you updated as to my progress and hopefully the blog and in turn the book will inspire you experience the Northwest Highlands by sea kayak yourself.

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