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Progress with the guidebook has been somewhat curtailed of late with the latest arrival of the Macleod Clan and being rather busy at work over the Winter and Spring.  However steady progress will resume once the flood of nappies is under control!

Scottish Sea Kayak Trail

Having had time to digest this latest publication by Pesda Press I would have to say I’m impressed. Before I go any further I have to come clean, as this is a Pesda Press Blog, I’m in the process of writing a guidebook to be published by them and I’m a friend of Simon’s however […]

Tap tap…tap tap

I’ve had a hot date tonight not with my wife though. My keyboard and I have edited and finished off the chapter for the Cape Wrath trip.

Trail Book

Simon’s new guidebook detailing the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail is expected to be released on the 10th August. Time will tell if the route become’s a classic sea kayak trail like the ‘Inside Passage’ along British Columbia’s and Alaska’s Western seaboard. However I would be suprised if it didn’t 


I'm currently writing a sea kayaking guidebook for the Northwest Highlands; Cape Wrath to Ardnamurchan Point including Skye & the Small Isles. This blog will keep you updated as to my progress and hopefully the blog and in turn the book will inspire you experience the Northwest Highlands by sea kayak yourself.

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